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With a collection of more than 17000 products, housed in three different warehouses across the United States, you can imagine that the KinkyToy.Store offers everything that you need for a thrilling sexual experience. Every time!

The Kinky Toy Store is proud to its customers a one-stop shop for buying adult toys. Our focus is providing the best customer service and value for the consumer. Whether you are looking for sex toys, vibrators, dildos, anal sex toys, penis pumps, male sex toys, or the famous We-Vibe G-Spot Vibrator, we have it all! We carry only top manufacturers such as Fleshlight, Doc Johnson, Topco, Kama Sutra, California Exotics, and Pipedream.

The Kinky Toy Store prides itself on being completely free of both prejudice and judgment. We have a firm belief that consenting adults should be able to safely and fully explore their sexuality. We are proud of our many selections that allow adults to explore their wants, desires, and limits within a safe and judgment-free environment. We aim to be the preferred shopping destination for sex toys for our customer earning their trust through our quality products and dedication to 100% customer satisfaction. We provide more than just the hottest product but an entire shopping experience.

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Feisty Francesca Breast Stroker

Feisty Francesca is ready for a good time! Feel the weight of her enormous breasts and watch them jiggle and bounce. Slide your cock up into her impressive deep cleavage and have the titty-fuck you have always been fantasizing about! This buxom beauty is more than a handful and her nipples just beg to be pinched and teased! Let Francesca surround your shaft with her giant tits and take you to the finish line in the hottest way possible!

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Miller Speculum

Enjoy looking deep inside your partner with this speculum. This item is used normal vaginally but can also be used to stretch the anus for maximum pleasure. This unique medical grade Miller speculum is a gynecological device and is sure to leave you with a stretched out gaping hole. This is the most adjustable speculum we offer. The right adjustment wheel spreads the blades up to 3.5 inches wide. The left adjustment wheel adjusts the angle of the blades. The result is an impressive speculum.

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Tom of Finland Realistic Cock Enhancer

Gain at least 2 inches when you slide your member into this immense cock sheath, designed to enhance your erection with greater girth and length! This phthalate-free enlargement sleeve from Tom of Finland features texture nubs on the inside to provide maximum stimulation while you penetrate your partner with a larger-than-life shaft! The bulbous head and smooth shaft make this pleasure tool the ultimate in stretching out your partner with ease. Just secure the ball strap around your scrotum for security and added sensitivity and enjoy an all new sexual experience!

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