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Anal Beads

At the height of ecstasy and teetering on the brink of satisfaction, sometimes a little extra push is all you need to send yourself over the edge into extreme bliss. These beads can stimulate while inserting, while inside, and while being removed. A great, classic way to play!

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Stop contacting me!!

I enjoyed purchasing from “Kinky Toy Store" but I am frustrated with all the post-purchase email corresspondance. I do not want any email communication!!
Although I have unsubscribed from all email communication from Kinky Toy Store I still receive emails from Kink them. I will be forced to take legal action if the emails continue...


It's alot longer in person! My wife and I can't wait till I can't take all 19 inches lol get a really nice lube and it stays slippery!

Its a fantastic, great product, I highly recommend it

Serious business

This is not for beginners or intermediates.This is for someone who knows what they want and willing to work for it. This is also seriously HEAVY.....

Stretched sack two inches in one day.