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Great all around toy

Probably the perfect step up for my wife and I to use in our harness. Got 2 so we could keep hem separate for anal and oral play. Feel very nice with the firm core and softer outside. Perfect size to simulate a hand job or use for oral. Will need a little training for anal but I was expecting this as it’s half an inch wider than our beginning toy. Very pleased with this!

Slip and slide

It's a good product. Works great

Hungry butt

Just the wonderful dildo. It stretches you fills you up. What a great feeling.

to big

its huge, stage one is the diameter of a water bottle. thought i could take 2 stages but one was it. not what i had in mind. i was hoping more for if they were all 4 the same as the first stage. its good just to much for me


This toy is amazing - wide, firm and flexible. I had to cover it with pre-lubed condom and added more to start then went crazy. The swirled ridge takes about one involuntary orgasm to get used to. Played with it by myself then had my fisting Master use it on me our last session - AMAZING - he was so
Impressed he had me use it on him!