In the right hands, the ability to bring their subject to their knees with impact toys within the confines of consensual ritualized erotic play can transmute pain into pure pleasure, taking the subject on a ride of ecstasy and offering a sublime escape into another world of sensation. These tools of the trade are a must have in the world of BDSM, for beginners or seasoned players alike.
Master Series Crowned Magentic Nipple Clamps $36.07
Master Series Master Lasher Wooden Flogger $20.04 $23.20
Master Series Wooden Slapper $20.04 $23.20
Strict Leather 3 Foot Snakewhip 12 Plait $133.59
Master Series 5 Reel Pinwheel $37.19
Master Series 7 Reel Pinwheel $33.42 $39.20
STRICT 8 Tail Braided Flogger $21.22 $25.20
Strict Leather Black and Blue Suede Flogger $52.34
Master Series Cat Claw Skin Scratcher $25.30 $30.20
Master Series Command Impact Cane $41.70
Master Series Crimson Tied 3 Piece Impact Kit $29.61 $35.20
Master Series Crimson Tied Embossed Flogger $16.28 $18.20
Strict Leather Devils Tail Slapper $81.17
Master Series Extreme Sensation Claw Clamps $26.08 $30.20
Frisky Frisky Feather Tickler $5.78 $6.20
Master Series Gunmetal Chain Flogger $31.86 $37.20
Strict Leather Heart Tip Crop $27.88
Strict Leather Heavy Duty Silicone Flogger $41.06
Strict Leather Heavy Tail Flogger $88.30
Frisky Imprint Spanking Paddle $9.05 $10.20
Kink Industries Intense Impact Cane $17.70