Personal Lubricants

We have a whole gallery of exciting, sensual lubes that will spice up both solo and partner sex. Whether as a sweet treat, a way to numb things down or give a thrilling tingle, or just to add some slick sensation, for anal, vaginal, and oral play, a good lube is an absolute must!
CleanStream Deep Shot Lubricant Launcher $14.61 $16.20
CleanStream 4 Piece Lube Injector Set $14.61 $16.20
Passion Lubricants Anal Lubricant- 2 oz $7.32 $8.20
CleanStream CleanStream XL Lubricant Launcher $8.66 $10.20
The FP Company Paris Fist Powder Instant Body Lubricant $24.65 $29.20
Master Series Jizz Unscented Water-Based Lube 8oz $9.66 $14.20