Practicing chastity

If you are new to the concept of practicing chastity in BSDM and have a fetish for control of your orgasm, then the usage of male chastity devices must have struck your mind already by now. To clear all your worries, male chastity devices are safe to use over the penis, considering how careful you are with the device on. While using a male chastity device, you must be considerate of all others who are going to be a part of your sexual adventure as well. Playing responsibly and keeping in mind the defined limits are the keys that will assure you a safe, healthy, yet an amazing experience.

One Size Does Not Fits All

If you are thinking of buying a male chastity device, then you must pay some attention to the various aspects surrounding it. You need to check for the material of the device to ensure which one is the most secure male chastity device, the size and thickness of your penis, the size of the ring, whether your penis is circumcised or not and how much with ease you can keep your device hygienic and new. If you are successful in finding out and deciding what kind of chastity device fits you the best, you will be good to go and have nothing to worry about.

The Material

When it comes to choosing the material of the chastity device, there are many choices such as plastic, silicone, leather and metal and the major factor that should be taken into consideration for choosing the material is the extent to which you want the device on your penis and the security you want.

The devices made up of plastic carbonate have the qualities of being very discreet and light under your trousers and they also weigh very light. It is advised to use a plastic male chastity device for someone who is a beginner in this field.

While the plastic devices are beginner friendly, in metal, stainless steel is amongst the best since it is very hygienic and secure. Metal devices are the most secure male chastity devices since it is not at all easy to escape from it.


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