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What Is Pup Play?

While people outside of puppy play may think it can be given a one-line definition, it is certainly not the case here. But here is the most objective attempt of a definition and history we can attempt with our research.

Puppy Play – A constantly evolving fetish where people have an interest in the role-play as canines and their associated handlers. Historical records show it first appear in Europe in the 17th century, while gaining popularity with the invention of the internet in the early 1990’s


If your pup is prone to forgetting themselves and talking, you may want to consider a mouth bit to help remind them that no talking is allowed while in pupspace. A muzzle can help reinforce pup’s headspace or can be used if you’re trying to train your pup out of bad habits like chewing/biting. Although, keep in mind that using them too long could actually impede the fun of the play. They would limit the ability to make communicative noises, eating, drinking, licking and other things such as carrying things in their mouth. They can be a good aid to training though and some pups like them while others hate them.

Pup Collars

Pup Collars

The style and material Of the collar say a lot about the human dog who is wearing it. Large human dogs will look best in heavier collars, more slender or slight dogs in less heavy collars. Guard dogs may have wide studded collars, while pampered house pets may have slimmer more delicate collars. The human dog may have a more plain collar for everyday wear and a more formal collar for social events.

Questions To Ask Yourself

   • Is there any spikes that could harm me or another pup?

   • Is it comfortable?

   • Does the collar represent my own pup persona?

Puppy Tail

You might not be able to see it, but your pup will have a tail, of course in some breeds it’s been docked, but they’re there none-the-less. Your pup will want to wag theirs. They might be content to wiggle their butt in an imitation of wagging a tail, or they may want an actual tail to wag. Most pups would love to have a tail.

There are a couple of ways you can give your pup a tail:

     1. An insertable tail on a butt plug.

     2. A strap on tail.

Don’t Forget Fun Pup Play Toys

Don’t Forget Fun Pup Play Toys

If you have a piggy bottom pup in your pack, be sure to check out the Fat Boy Penis Extender. It’s sure to fill even the greediest pup ass making him howl and growl!

Still training your ass to accept your pup tail? I highly recommend playing with the Pod Butt Plug, heaps of fun and a great stretching tool.

Over time I will be adding some more fun items that I enjoy, like this awesome Puppy Wrist Band. Stop by again soon as I’ll be updating with fun new toys.

Newly added! Puppy play chastity devices and cock cages! Lots of different choices for exactly how you wish to ensure your pup is not going to be touching themselves while Master is not watching!