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We do everything we can to ensure that you receive the best in customer service. If you have questions about products before or after ordering feel free to contact us.

We value your business and understand that shopping online can make product selection challenging. This is why we go to great lengths to provide you with extensive product information such as product materials, noise levels, power levels, measurements and more. We encourage you to use this information when you make a purchase, as all sales are final.

Please review our policy below

Our strict policy is to sell only new, unused merchandise to our customers, and orders are inspected to ensure that condition is met, and there are no apparent defects or breaks or cracks in the manufacturer packaging.  Once your order leaves our warehouse for delivery to you, we lose control over that quality and we rely on you to contact us immediately if you discover  a manufacturer defect in any of the merchandise ordered If that happens, you should take care to save any documentation and packaging that arrives with your order, as it may be required once we contact our supplier to arrange for a replacement to be shipped to you.  We may also require photographs of the defect so that we can provide them as evidence to our supplier.  Our Customer Care staff will guide you through this process and will let you know if the merchandise should be returned to our warehouse, along with any other steps necessary to resolve such matters. 


Because of the health-sensitive nature of the products we sell, and the potential for biologic and non-biologic contamination occurring once the packaging is opening either during shipping and delivery or if opened or used after delivery, we don't accept returns (except in very limited circumstances) for two reasons:

  1. We can't certify the quality or hygiene of the merchandise if shipped, it would be irresponsible to require return using generally available commercial carriers;  in fact, this restriction is common amongst mail and other carriers;
  2. In order guard against inadvertent cross-contamination, we are unable to store returns alongside merchandise in our warehouses.  This is similar to the reason that restaurants or drive-thru windows don't accept returns  (for any reason) of food products once they have left the hands of employees.

For these reasons, we don't accept returns unless there is a manufacturer defect evident.  

Why We Do Not Take Non-Defective Returns

  1. We believe strongly in treating our customers with respect. Due to the nature of our products and a multitude ofhygiene issues,  we ship only new merchandise so that you won't be on the receiving end of dirty, damaged or pre-owned merchandise.  All of our shipments are checked to ensure this standard is met as it moves from inventory to packaging and then out the door.  We take these steps before your order leaves our warehouse because once it leaves our facility we lose control over the order or its condition, and as a result, we are unable to accept returns.
  2. The use of some of the products we sell carries the risk of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases by merchandise that is pre-owned or resold.  No business should ever risk a customer's health by engaging in this or similar practices.  Your health and well-being is not ours to jeopardize, and we will not and do not engage in the resale of adult erotic sex toy.  

Manufacturer Defects

The procedure to be followed if you receive an item having a manufacturer defect.

  1. Email us to obtain approval and an RMA number
  2. Provide photographs showing defect (if requested)
  3. Send defective item to our warehouse (only if asked to do so)
  4. Be available to sign for delivery of a replacement item
  5. Contact Manufacturer to determine procedure under warranty.

1.   Email us to obtain approval and an RMA number
All returns of defective items must be approved before we can accept them. To start the return or replacement process, you must - within 30 days of receiving your order - contact our staff to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.  You can get your RMA number by sending an email to our staff at  Include in your email details such as the Order Number, your name and address, the date you received your order and if you were required to sign for it, a detailed description of the defect you observed.  The RMA number must be shown on all correspondence and packaging. 

2. Provide photographs showing a defect
Your email will be reviewed, and the order located in our systems.  You will receive an email confirming that we have received yours.

If approved, we will provide you with an RMA number, and advise what, if anything further is required.  You may be asked to provide photographs showing the defect, or for more details, etc.   It is important that you reply as quickly as possible so that we can take advantage of time-limited options (if any) that may be available to you.

If we can't get approval to process your request as a Manufacturer defect, we will advise you of the options available, such as Manufacturer's warranty, etc.  

3.  Send defective item to our warehouse
In very limited circumstances, we may require that you return the merchandise to our warehouse.  If so, we will either provide you with a prepaid shipping label (which you can print from your computer and securely tape to the outside of any packaging used for the return) or we will arrange for a credit to be applied to the credit card used to purchase the item originally.  Prepaid shipping labels will be time sensitive so it is important that the return be handled quickly.  Full details will be provided if this is a requirement.

4.  Be available to sign for delivery of a replacement item
Because Manufacturer Defect return/replacements are handled by the Manufacturer using our staff as an extension thereof.   As such, we are only able to resolve these situations in accordance with Manufacturer Policy, which normally allows replacement but no refunds or credits.  Therefore, once approved by the Manufacturer, a replacement for the defective item will be shipped to you.  It is important that you be available to sign for the delivery.  Please ensure that we have an address at which you will be available. 

5. Contact Manufacturer to determine procedure under warranty.
Most of our products have a manufacturer's warranty that can provide you with additional remedies.  If you have not discovered any defect in your merchandise within 30 days there may be some additional steps that you can take directly with the manufacturer.  Information regarding your rights can be found in materials shipped with your order, or at the manufacturer's online websites.

Order Returned Due To
-  an error in your Shipping Address,
-  failure To Pay Customs charges
-  failure or refusal to accept Delivery or
-  failure to Pick Up your package

If we made an error in printing your shipping address, we will reship the order to you at no additional cost.

If you provided us with an incorrect shipping address or an address to which delivery is not available by our normal means we can reship your merchandise to you, for an additional cost.

If you do not pay any customs fees charged and the item is returned to us, we can reship the merchandise to you for an additional cost.

If you refuse to take delivery of the shipment and the item is returned to our warehouse by our carrier, unopened, we will inspect the item and if it is new unopened condition, we will restock the item and initiate a refund of the original charges, less a 20% restocking fee and the delivery and return charges.  If you wish to reorder the item, you may do so by returning to our website.    

The carriers we use for delivery require that we provide an address that can be verified  In most cases our carriers will not deliver to P.O. Boxes as a signature is normally required upon delivery.   



We use automated systems to process your order once it is confirmed by you during checkout.  These systems move quickly to ensure that your order can be sent for delivery without delays that might occur if we were to process orders manually.  The downside of the automated systems is that unless an error or exception is identified in your order, such as an invalid address, etc., we are unable to pull individual orders out of processing without shutting down the entire system. 

For this reason, we ask that you extra care is taken when shopping online. Orders are marked as ready for delivery within seconds of checkout, so although we may sympathize with you, it will be necessary for you to wait for delivery before any discussion of return or refund or exchange can take place.  Be advised however that buyer's remorse or ordering 2 instead of 1 or similar reasons are not valid or capable of supporting such requests.  

Restrictions or Prohibitions on Importation

Certain laws and community standards across America and throughout the World require that you not access or attempt to access adult material or attempt to import or engage in the importation of same.  If it is illegal for you to purchase or import our products we accept no responsibility for the actions taken by the local government agencies that result in confiscation or taxation or delays in delivery to you.  

You should ensure you are aware of any rule or law that might prevent purchases from our store are not prevented or delayed from being delivered to you.  The KinkyToy.Store accepts no responsibility for assessment or payment of import duties and taxes or the seizure of merchandise that is prohibited or restricted from importation, and we cannot offer refunds or credits when merchandise is prevented from being delivered as a result.  

The information provided on this webpage and throughout our website is not intended to be construed as legal advice, and should not be relied upon as such.