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Oh Yeah Baby!

This thing is MASSIVE. I got the head in but nothing else yet... I can only dream of fitting this thing in my ass it looks so delicious and is one sexy giant beast. This cock arrived in a discreet box, was easy to unpack and best of all it did NOT have that new dildo smell! This massive dick is one every size queen must have in her collection! The KinkyToy.Store truly does have the best prices, fast delivery and biggest and badass toys!

Sex & Mischief 14in Whip Black
Anon A. Anon
Sensual and playful

I recently go this whip and originally I was dissatisfied due to the craftsmanship. The whip looks its price though so it isn't an issue. Upon further experimentation though with it I found it too be a very fun product. It leaves a nice lasting sting and the rubber just drives my partner mad.

The doll itself isn't that bad

The doll itself is fine. It's much better than my last experience of not being able to fit in a similar doll at all. A little noisy during use. Great discreet packaging. The doll itself isn't that bad, keep lubed though. And it's a pretty big doll too.

Well Worth It!

I live in Australia and received my machine in about a week. I did have to pay over $200 for customs clearance yet it was worth it! My machine arrived with the metal bar that changes the depth penetration slightly bent. I had to hammer it somewhat to straighten it up so the machine could be safely used. Once going, this baby does a damn good job of fucking you silly. It is powerful enough to make your body rock with each thrust just like a real guy pounding away. The extension arm is a must have and makes the machine much more versatile. The con with this machine is that it can be a little heavy and strenuous when setting up the machine in different positions. However, once I got used to it, it has become a quick process to change the arm's positions. An excellent machine.

Love it!

This is possibly my favorite toy....I love when he uses it on is so amazingly soft....The length and girth is perfect.. we bought a second as back up!!

SexFlesh Feisty Francesca Breast Stroker
Lukas L. Lukas
Probably Not What You Think

If you are expecting life like tits to the touch, then you might be mistaken if buying this product. They definitely look ultra real and the skin on the surface feels real, but they aren't squishy at all. Each boob is hollow on the back side and they are probably about 2 or so inches thick. If you put them right up to your face or hold them against your chest and focus in on them, they can differently give the illusion like a real naked chick is on top of you.

If you are using this as a masturbation toy and you do not own any other high quality products, your money would be better spent buying a Fleshlight Original Male Masturbator, Pink Lady. This definitely makes a good toy to add to your collection, however, and they can make masturbation even that much more fun.

Size really does matter!

WOW, I have to say I was not expecting anything as large as this behemoth. It will take some time for me to get the nerve to use it. I’m having fun trying… Thanks to the Kinky Toy Store for quick delivery and awesome service. You guy are the best!

Nice thick toy

Well the thickness is great I love how thick it is.. The first time I used it was a little difficult to get in, only took me a few minutes but once it was in it felt so great. The length of it is nice to, and suction cup works great as well.. This is an awesome toy.. Thanks for the fast delivery!

Best Ever

This is by far my favorite dildo ever! The UR3 shaft feels so soothing and fills perfectly. If you are in the market for a giant Dildo than this in the one fort you! Worth every penny!

highly recommend

This toy is my favorite toy for warming up for larger toys. I can get the 3 bumps inserted with a little more Persuasion for the third bump. This toy is all about the 3 bumps and any more depth holds no interest to me. The feeling you get inserting and retrieving the 3 bumps is like no other plug or dildo.


Really nice and huge u really got like huge things though. If you not really used to take big stuff and I mean super big don't get

Kong-the Realistic Bx
bubb12 b. bubb12
Satisified purchase

when i received this item i was amazed at how life-like it was with the hair and the size of it.i would tell my friends about this thanks guys.

Love it!

Wow! This giant cock certainly packs a punch. Fits perfectly on my fuck machine and never tires out. If you like a good workout then this dildo is perfect for you! Thanks to the Kinky Toy Store for recommending this behemoth.

(bulk) Dick Rambone Cock Black
Matty M. Matty
Can't get enough of this one!

OMG, this is huge! My other 7 inch dildos take a little bit of push, but this one took weeks of practicing and a lot of lube and a lot of effort to get it to fit. But totally worth it!

Thanks to the KInkyToy.Store for fast and discreet delivery,

Works well

This product works just like it says. It took a long time to blow up as I broke the nozzle on first use. Otherwise, this is a great product for the price.

Cock and Ball Crusher
anonymous a. anonymous
we love it

I bought this to use on my boyfriend and we love it. I tied him up and put the device on him and squeezed his balls until he squirmed. Then I made him eat his precum and when he refused I squeezed his balls harder. Then I gave him a hand job and he shot the biggest load ever

Relax Anal Relaxer Cream 2 Oz
This product is awesome..

This product is girlfriend and I love this thing because she used to feel pain before. now she doest not feel pain when we have anal sex

Insignia Isla Turquoise Green (net)
Incredible Isla I.I. Incredible I.

I love the Lelo line. I was looking for a vibe without too much girth that was long enough to go where I wanted it, and this is that.
I am very satisfied with this product; and it is easier to clean than some reviews might suggest (yes, you do have to remember to clean in the grooves where the black meets the silver, but it is not half as much of a chore as some people claim; cleaning the whole thing takes maybe 2 minutes--maybe).
Some women would like more power than this has, I'm sure, but it is more than enough for me. Also I find the design attractive and the battery life more than sufficient even at full power.
I'd recommend it!

Clean Stream Anal Bleach With Vitamin C & Aloe 6 Oz
Mattdabratt M. Mattdabratt
Recommended of all!

This product work as it is supposed to. Lasts a very long time. Would recommend it to everyone.
Shipping was fast and thanks to the staff for their advice.


Fits great and he loves it!

Ryder Silicone Anal Plug- Black
Travelintodd T. Travelintodd
Best plug for me so far

First product I have ever written a review on. So here goes. I have always wanted a plug.........or anything that I could slide up my rear and wear incognito for as long as possible. Most have been too stiff, a pain in my crack, or simply too big. I like to feel full and stretched but sometimes that is a conundrum! LOL! All glory but no guts so to speak. With this plug I found I get that feeling of something filling my inner sanctum but without the discomfort of always thinking I have to run for the bathroom. Does it hit my prostate? Not really but does it remind me that it is there? Absolutely. This thing is soft and pliable so it conforms nice to everyday tasks such as sitting, driving, and walking.If you are searching for a plug that you can put in place and leave for the evening this one fits the bill. Your friends will want to know why you have that huge smile on your face!

Sex Flesh Hot Haley Head Masturbator
Bobby B. Bobby
The only toy you will ever need

You need lube for this to start with, this is the best toy on the market. I have tried all the popular toys that say they're the best one, the difference in this toy is the sexflesh. It is the closest you will get compared to the other toys, this is one of the few toys out there that you can truly enjoy. To me this feels better than the real thing, that is how good this toy is. ; )

5/5 quality, Does not feel cheap, It take no for and answer : )

Can be hard to hide because it is bulky

Jaxxx Hammer 2.0 Multifunction Rechargeable Sex Machine
steven a morrison s.a.m. steven a m.
Price was better than any other site.

Item was exactly as described. Pricing was better than any other site.

SexFlesh Kyle Male Mega Masturbator
Little Mina L.M. Little M.
Where have you been?

Great toy. The packaging it comes I'm made it smell really bad. But I washed it and it's not as smelly. The toy itself is awesome! I have used it a few times so far. It gets in deep and feels really good.

Amazing detail & Texture

Congrats to the person or persons who came up with the idea and then made it happen to bring this doll to Market. I have tried one of the Mega and Sexflesh Juicy dolls but Amanda is in a league of her own. The Texture, Visual And Design of her leaves me almost Speechless.
She makes a wonderful Stunt Double for your Wifey or GirlFriend or just a Sleeping Buddy. Its 3 Love openings inner texture and ribbing will make your legs shake and become weak in the knees!!
As always you usually get what you pay for since moneys became involved in this world, Amanda is no exception to this rule, she is worth every penny and then some!!

PS: Did I tell you Amanda looks and feels soo realistic that you will have trouble passing the blindfold test?? ; ^ ) Buy her and Enjoy!!

Facade Hood with Eye and Mouth Holes
Comfortable, and Met All My Needs C.a.M.A.M.N. Comfortable, and Met All My N.
Yard Bird

This is the best mask because is has adequate openings for eyes and mouth. No trouble breathing, as the mask is open at your nostrils. The whole head is covered and the neck cowl is very comfortable. The mask can be slightly pulled down below the mouth in order to fit comfortably under the chin if you want to expose facial hair on your chin. I never had a problem with it slipping due to its snug fit. Also great for hearing aid wearers because the mask just fits over the ears and you don't have to remove your aids.

A skin sensitive person says "Buy it!"

I have some pretty rough allergies to chemicals. Latex being way up there on the list. I'm always cautious when trying a new product that will come in contact with my body in any way. This lube does the job well. No reactions to it and it makes playtime a real slippery affair. Plus, you just can't beat the price.

I recommend this to all my friends but not to my enemies.

A definite buy

I just received this wand and it works great! I have a magic wand and this one is better ! My partners love the multi speeds and no cord allows for more postions! A definite buy.

XXL Inflatable Dildo
Bee Shaw B.S. Bee S.
I absolutely love this huge toy

I absolutely love this huge toy. My husband doesn't let me use it very often because he likes my pussy tight, but I get it out once in a while when he's gone. I love to tightly bind and clamp my DDD tits until they're purple, pulsating, and hurting oh so perfectly. Then I inflate my giant dildo just enough to be firm before slowly working it into my well-lubed pussy. I push it in as far as possible, then I start to pump, and pump...and pump until I almost can't stand the stretch. Then I stop and leave it there while balancing on the brink of orgasm just from the fullness. At this point I like to start fucking myself on my toy and rotating my hips to loosen my pussy up even more before forcing at least five more pumps on my super-stretched out pussy. I barely even touch my clit with a vibrator and I'm coming, my poor pussy so stretched it can't even hardly pulsate around thegirth of the fully pumped black cock rammed halfway up into its now cavernous recesses. I'm so stretched, I can feel my asshole trying to clench itself closed throughout my climax. I fucking love this toy and dream about someday fitting one in my pussy and one in my ass at the same time and pumping them both up to the max.

Tom of Finland 5 Speed Silicone Vibe
closeted rider c.r. closeted r.

Tom of Finland did it....I have had lots of anal toys in my day, this is my favorite by far. A perfect way to please a hungry hole. size of girth and length is great. OGM turn it on for 5 wonderful sensations This is not a first timers toy but a great piece of art to work up to.

GREAT color

Love the refined coronal ridge and veiny shaft too! If you like some serious stimulation from texture, go for it. If you just like 'em big and smooth, look elsewhere. Very fun, in that it's a GREAT color! Nice material too! Suction cup is the BOMB! Seriously. Very STRONG!!! It has to be, with such thickness, and the friction that it will produce. I suspect this will require some good lube and will produce some very wet results!

Reverb Vibrating Nipple Suckers
initial worries turned into enjoyment i.w.t.i.e. initial worries turned into e.

while originally told by her "I'm not going to like that", it turned out to be the opposite, the vibrations were enjoyed and while they are top-heavy they can be held in place by hand and they work nicely

Master Series Mamba Cock Sheath Black
Decent product for the price D.p.f.t.p. Decent product for the p.

Very pleased with purchase, had bought different enhancers earlier, this one is the best so far.
A little struggle to get the sacs in, but once you master the technique its easy, of course lot of lube.
Fits like an Armor on the solider, well made, gives you ample control when on and my wife loves it.
Highly recommended.

Loki Wave Obsidian Black Prostate Massager (net)
Great couples toy! G.c.t. Great couples t.

Considering the health benefits and great feeling of prostate play, this has been a part of our couples routine for several years. As we have aged and due to the onset of arthritis, using just hands and fingers has been a challenge for my wife. After seeing the advertisements and reviews for the Lelo Loki Wave Dynamic Vibrating Prostate Massager, we thought this would be an ideal replacement for ageing hands and fingers. The toy arrived in a discreet box and charged very quickly. The use of the button controls were easy to understand and even my wife was excited for me to try this toy. The girth of the well lubricated toy was easily accommodated and I let my wife take the wheel while I laid back and relaxed. To get the full benefit of this toy, a partner holding the handle firmly is needed. Once the motion and vibrations start, the handle will move on its own and unless it is held firmly the full benefits of the toy will be diminished. It is easy to get fully engrossed in the great feelings the Loki Wave provides. If I closed my eyes, it is easy to imagine this toy being my wife's fingers with the big plus of the various vibrations. This toy fulfills all our needs for its intended purchase and we recommend it for couples play.

Awesome inexpensive play sheet

I guess massage sheet sounds nicer than play sheet. Anyway, my partner and I had talked about water sports. We decided to order this to make it possible. The sheet really is huge. I'm 6'4 and I can lay down inside the borders. Speaking of the borders, I'd read reviews saying that it was difficult to air them up. I was expecting it and at first it was. I did it with my mouth instead of a pump. About half way through I found that there is actually a valve in the stem and if you squeeze it a direction it allows air to move in and out. So the next time we used it I was able to blow it up in 2 min. The only downfall is that it's kinda difficult to clean up. The borders work great to keep the floor clean but it's hard to clean it up when you're done due to the borders. This is a great option compared to other play sheets which are around $100.

7 Function Primo Rabbit Vibe - Purple
Ashley J A.J. Ashley J.
Oh Yes!

This product works amazingly! It hits just the right spot to get you every time. I thought i wouldn't like the beads in the shaft, but they really do add to the sensation. It is a good price range and gets the job done well. The shipping was prompt and I got the product in the expected time frame.


This is def a challenge, however worth the effort.
Once in this thing can hold about 1 cup of lube for an explosive and filling squirt!

Crystal Large Pink
anonymous a. anonymous
Just a little small

The plug was amazing however it was a little small. The taper is amazing and just feels so good.

Flip 0-Zero
Lincoln L. Lincoln
Excuse the humble brag, just giving experience

I can see why this design is not for everyone. The massagers (inside) are not like the other Tenga products, from what I researched, especially as it relates to shaft friction. I'm not a shaft friction craver, so that's why this is a good product for me. This one seems to be more focused on head pleasure, which if you're over 7 inches in length, you might care about because like with my wife, I like to lightly graze her cervix and she fits me like a glove. So to me, that ball thin in the tip of this product is like a replica of her insides.

A lot of ladies have tight or somewhat-tight entrance, and then after 1-2 inches in, it can be very loose in there or you don't feel anything when you go all in, except cervix (which you generally don't want to clip at all). You have to long-stroke this kind of lady (or don't go that deep in) to feel anything yourself, which is boring and uninspiring. So with this you can get that area without having to get tennis elbow, from long stroking a damn toy too, is how I feel. I'm on the road a lot, my wife can't be with me, so she demanded that I buy this thing. Works like a charm.

Flip 0-Zero
Digi D. Digi
starsThen it might have just been me but the stimulation from it wasn't as great as the originals

It was alright but the seal at the end of it would break and get messy on you after too long of a session. Then it might have just been me but the stimulation from it wasn't as great as the originals. The black and white were always my favorites. If you haven't tried it at all then it's better than some other things you'd find and isn't so tight that you'd hurt your stuff trying to stuff it in there.

comfortable to wear

Fit quite small but impossible to release when locked. Quality is good but its quite hard to put on and off and can take some time to do. Quite comfortable once on but you got to be careful not to pinch yourself when you put it on. Also, a hole at the tip is quite high so some liquid can stay in. Still much better than all other I've tried.

Rikers 2.0 24-7 Locking Chastity Device
locked guy l.g. locked g.
very comfortable. able to run and bike while wearing

very comfortable . able to run and bike while wearing, discreet and secure.
only problem is the barrel lock is not very robust. had to repair mine a few times and have had no luck finding a replacement.
soon will not be able to use.
which is a shame.

Great product, comfy

Comfortable to wear but needs a urethra tube to help keep clean

better than all other I've tried

Fit quite small but impossible to release when locked. Quality is good but its quite hard to put on and off and can take some time to do. Quite comfortable once on but you got to be careful not to pinch yourself when you put it on. Also, a hole at the tip is quite high so some liquid can stay in. Still much better than all other I've tried.

Asylum Locking Chastity Brace
Chaste Guy C.G. Chaste G.
Comfy for short term use

Item arrived more quickly than expected. I found this product was very comfortable when it was on, as long as you don't get really hard ;) For me, the urethral plug is big and I need to work up to wearing it - I used some lube to help put it on. The plug is steel so realistically it is not suited for long term wear.


My review is geared towards men, from the perspective of a gay man.

Just got this in and tried it for the first time. The "piece" is prrettyyy big.. had a hard time with it, but will adjust and learn to work with it. I was surprised by how real the "piece" felt, with the slight give to the touch but the firm core. The piece is also flexible/moldable, which is great.

Now, as for using this as the "bottom", men, the feel and weight of this is unparalleled. Buy this *right* now. Look no further. Ask no more questions. I'm looking forward to countless hours of fun topping this thing.

The only negative I can find, as with any sex toy, is that there's going to be a smell associated with the material right out of the box. But, with frequent washes and use, it will normalize and smell less chemically.

A last note, other reviewers mention the torso as being fairly small in size, some calling it Tyrion, etc. I think the waist is *perfect* to hold onto and go to town. No problems here at all ;)


This is one hell of big toy that really fills you up. Love and would recommend it to all.

Cock Ring- Advanced
Louis L. Louis
Think and Hard

This is a great cock ring. It is a little hard to put on at first but once you get the hang of it work like a charm. You can really feel the difference the thickness of the cock ring makes.

Many thanks to the KinkyToy.Store for the excellent service and for the fast delivery that arrived a day early!

Extreme Steel Chastity Cage
John J. John
Thank you Mistress

My Wife and Mistress has kept me in chastity, other than for Her personal pleasure for some years. She has always been concerned about security, safety and my comfort. Thus, starting with the Tollyboy belt, She has moved me on through the CB2000/3000/6000 and 6000s. Then, more as a gimmick than anything else (I think) she bought the plastic version of this device. It met the conditions of comfort and safety but, because of the standard blade headed screws used to lock it, failed to meet the security criterion. Yet She did realise that, given proper locking, this device was far superior in security terms to any of the others (excepting, perhaps, the Tollyboy) which She has made me wear…….. which is why I am now locked down in the metal version.
Mistress tells me that there is another benefit too. As the top of the tube can be removed, this means that I need never be allowed out of the whole device as, with the top removed, cleaning of my penis and balls is simple.
i can confirm that it is comfortable and, without doubt much more secure!

The Bird Cage Chastity Device - Medium
Witch's Shadow W.S. Witch's S.
Excellent device!

My wife bought this for me as a replacement for my three month spiral. Despite my best efforts unless removed everyday for thorough cleaning water collected in the bottom of the spiral and it started to rust. Due to the design of this one water does not collect and makes longer term non-interrupted chastity possible. Initially the device seemed huge but due to its shape it remains almost undetectable in quite tightly fitting trousers. Due to its size I am able to become semi-erect in the device and although this is quite pleasant it also wonderfully frustrating.. It is a much easier device to sleep iin than the spiral and due to its size less painful when the inevitable morning erection tries to appear. like the spiral it comes with quite a poor looking padlock but is adequate and I have not managed to defeat it yet. The device is easy to keep clean when on and its lightweight design is remarkably comfortable. although the cage is very close to the ring. I thoroughly recommend this device and believe it is ideal for anyone with a limited budget, I believe it to be far superior to devices costing significantly more.