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Buyers Guide to Fucking Machines

Are you ready to take your sexual experience to a new level? Fucking machines are the next generation in sex toys. These virtual lovers offer you complete control over your sensations and give you access to total sexual gratification on demand.

Why Are Fucking Machines So Popular?

A sex machine is no ordinary sex toy. It is a device lovingly crafted to perform sex beyond the limits of any mere person. These love machines are built to provide a lifetime of pleasure for both men and women.

Fucking machines are gaining so much popularity because of how well they satisfy your most carnal desires.

Men are able to redefine their sexual experience and get the ass fucking of their lifetime. Women love the penetrative action of a hard-working sex machine and are able to get as much pleasure as they desire for as long as they want it.

Beginner Sex Machines

Eager to get nailed by a love machine without blowing a load of cash? These models are versatile, fun and offer the best fuck-per-buck value:

Thrust-Bot Handheld Multi-Speed Sex Machine- Simple, affordable and effective fucking machine. This fucking machine kit comes with power-saw and the FuckSall adapter, making it one hell of a sex machine.

SexBox Undercover Sex Machine - This powerful undercover box lets you attach compatible toys to the high powered, motorized piston arm and experience realistic, multiple speed thrusting action that is sure to satisfy!

Pleasure Pole- A HOT Seller! The Pogo Stick Machine offers a unique way to enjoy with or without a partner. You are in total control of the depth and speed.

Intermediate Sex Machines

Here are a couple of very popular love machines designed for power and control at a reasonable price.

The Probe Plus Fucking Machine - This love machine is so smooth, quiet and easy to use it allows you to totally focus on your pleasure. The Probe is so adjustable it can be angled to drill your hole in any position you desire.

Maestro Multi-Faceted Sex Machine - The Maestro, designed with precision craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail. A vibrating silicone dildo remote allows you to adjust the speed of penetration and can also be used to stimulate with powerful vibration.

The Versa Fuk- This fucking machine is versatile, in that you can use in a horizontal or vertical position, plus it comes with several attachments to deliver new sensations and pleasures during use.

Advanced Sex Machines

These sex machines have advanced features that allow you to achieve more control and bliss from your experience.

Athenas Ultimate Sex MachineA Staff Favorite! Single or double penetration, vibrating pleasure, a wireless remote control, and more! Athenas Ultimate Sex Machine has it all, delivering customized satisfaction from a powerful, but compact apparatus.

Caesar 3.0 Sex Machine- Slipping easily between the mattress and the box spring, the Caesar is easy to use and can be used either vertically or horizontally.

Black Magic - The most flexible tripod style fucking machine available. Adjust positions on the fly and maintain the mood. This sex machine can be set in any angle, height and position imaginable for maximum creative play.