Here at the Kinky Toy Store, we get excited about our products. We wanted to showcase* them for you. So we created our Adult Videotheque.  Now we can share our excitent and video creations.

We're always looking to add more videos to this list. If you're excited about what you purchased, help us showcase the product by making product video.**  Share it with us and in return, we will not only added you video to our list but also send you a $15 Kinky Bucks for use on your next purchase.***



 Showcase (term "showcasing" is medium for exhibiting the product in an attractive or favorable manner. No sexual activities are allowed.)

** Must say "Kinky Toy Store" in the video title and must also have the name of toy in title. e.g. My favourite toy | Kinky Toy Store

*** You are not required to post your video on any public forum. Rather, share the video file with us; we will be happy to post for you.

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