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Electro Lockdown Estim Male Chastity Cage

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This e-stim chastity cage is full of electrifying features, making it a must-have for fans of control play and electro play alike! The cage is lined with electro conductive silicone, with pads running along the sides, flaring out into a paddle shape at the head. The cage attaches to the adjustable ABS ring, with an innovative latch system that allows you to cinch it down without having to switch out different rings. Once the ring is in place, attach the pin shelf and choose how many spacers you need for the perfect fit. The less spacers, the smaller the gap, the less chance of escape! Includes leads that hook up to any Zeus powerbox, sold separately. The lock completes the assembly, for the ultimate in stimulating, sensual restriction. The item is lightweight and can be worn for extended periods, as there is an opening at the end for urine.

Measurements: 34mm at opening, 47 mm at widest point, length measures 82 mm, can be increased with the spacers, each adding 4mm of length.

Material: ABS, silicone, PS

Color: Clear

Note: Includes cage, ring, pin shelf, 3 spacers, lock, and leads. Can be used with or without electro sensations. Compatible with any Zeus power box or one that uses pin leads shown in picture. Disclaimer: These products as with all products on this site are supplied AS IS. No warranty is given either implied or expressed. Products are intended as novelty only, and no representation is made or implied as to their suitability or safety for any particular use. Purchasers use the products entirely at their own risk. The manufacturer or re-seller is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage or loss howsoever arising caused by use or misuse of the products. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to the products and personal injury or damages due to use or misuse.

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Device is great! Easier To Put On Than Most

Device is great! Easier to put on than most other devices. I have had two others. Neither had the Estim. The opening is more of a realistic shape for the penis. Not perfectly circular kind of an oval shape. The lightning bolt vents gave me no issues and I am more on the endowed side. Helps to use a small portion of pantyhose put on like a condom leave an inch or two to pull thru the opening for urine. Perfect application every time. Absolutely comfortable to wear. I was advised not to use in the shower because it could ruin the connections... that's the only negative. If I'm locked up I want to be locked up. The Estim factor is amazing. Other devices I have used do not give a full shaft and head stimulation this is absolutely on point! Def recommend for others. My wife loves to watch me beg as she turns the power up!


Better than expected. Was afraid that the conductive points on the sides of this would not make good contact and that I would feel sharp jolts from periodically touching the two. I was wrong. Love this thing. You may get a pinch while putting it on due to the design and fit of all the pieces but is a pleasure to play in!

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Nice rim effects

A new sensation for a toy.


Made from good material with a good suction cup. There is no smell as with other rubber products.

7 speeds when it wants to

when it works it is great but many times the remote does not change the vibe. had issues when batteries first put in nothing happened until it was left for a while. when came back it started to work. sometimes.

Grade school.

Top notch. Doesn't dry up or absorb quickly as some lubes. Haven't had anal sex like that since grade school.

Good for beginners.

Got my wife this to introduce her to anal fun. She liked it the very first time she tried it. The vibration is strong enough to feel but is not overwhelming. I got her the small one being that she had never tried anal before. She likes the size but we may move up to something larger down the road. Her only complaint about it is that the handle is a little too wide. It covers a little too much of her, so it gets in the way for her to use a vibrator or me, in her front.