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It's ok

Its ok not as big as I was thinking it would be

8 Inch Cock Lock Dildo with Balls

Anal hole spreader

Wasn't 'exactly' what I was expecting. I'm a little disappointed actually. Extreme Restraints has a better product. The quality of this item is not as good, guess that's what I get for spending less money. Won't be buying from you guys again unless your name is Extreme Restraints. They are the Best.

Pump works

No doubt the pump works and it works well. Provides far more suction than anyone could ever need. Don't look for any thrills though.

Ejaculation Difficult

The dildo itself is great. Nice feel and great size. The ejaculation feature is another matter. You have a squeeze bottle inserted into a hole on the backside of the dildo. You can't sit on the dildo as this will cause the bottle to squeeze causing ejaculation earlier than I wished. The squeeze bottle will not stay inserted into the dildo and is constantly falling out of the hole intended to secure the squeeze bottle in place. The 3 stars are for the dildo itself. The ejaculation feature is a wasted effort.