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Size Guide
Size Guide

Dildo Size Guide – How to Get the Right Length and Width

Dildos come in every size from small to Giant. The selection can be overwhelming but don’t worry, we are here to help you pick the perfect one for you.

Here's how to Judge to Length of a Dildo

The average erect penis is 5.16 inches in length.

The folks at Pipedream products know how to create a visual. Here are some of their most popular dildos, the King Cock line, put up against an average soda can


 Don't forget about the width!!

A general rule of thumb is that the longer the dildo, the thicker it's going to be. Remember, width is across the widest part. To estimate the distance around (circumference or girth) see the chart below.

WIDTH                      APPROXIMATE GIRTH

3 INCHES                  8 TO 8.5 INCHES

2.5 INCHES               7 TO 7.75 INCHES

2 INCHES                  5.5 TO 6.75 INCHES

1.75 INCHES             5 TO 5.5 INCHES

1.5 INCHES               4.5 TO 4.75 INCHES   ** Average erect penis size **

1.25 INCHES             3.75 TO 4 INCHES

1 INCH                       3 TO 3.5 INCHES

She is all yours to play with... Ever wanted your own slave that you can do whatever you want to? Samantha will always wait obediently for you to have your way with her, taking whatever pleasure or punishments you dole out... and she never talks back to Master! Use the included restraints and butt plug to make her your personal plaything, powerless while you use her body.

Thanks to cutting-edge developments in material and design, you can experience a pleasure doll that looks and feels more lifelike than ever before. This bound beauty is fully-posable, from her eyelids to her feet, so you can enjoy her ultra-realistic mouth, vagina, or anus in any position you desire. She can even stand up on her own... on the rare occasion you do not want her on her knees!

Her perfect C-cup breasts will feel soft in your hands, jiggling as you thrust hard into her realistic holes. Guide her with a firm hand in her long hair, pinch and twist her adorable nipples, and smack her perky ass. This sex slave has only one purpose in life: to please her Owner! Dress her up in something cute or slutty, and then have even more fun undressing her!

A sophisticated set of luxury leather restraints in beautiful burgundy are included to further captivate your submissive. The collar and cuffs are durable and secure, featuring a locking buckle that allows you to keep your precious plaything under lock and key. D-rings allow you to attach a connector chain, rope, or a variety of devious accessories. The jewel butt plug allows you to keep her ass stuffed whenever you desire, and gives you a sparkly surprise when she bends over.

Use with only water-based lubricants. Wipe down surface and clean out orifices before and after use with mild soap and warm water or a toy cleaner. Keep dry and powdered when not in use. Don not store items on top of doll.

Measurement: Samantha is 63 inches tall, with a 30 inch chest, 20 inch waist, and 32 inch hips. Her vaginal and anal depths are 7.5 inches and her oral depth is 6 inches. Her shoe size is 8.5.

Material: TPE

Color: Flesh

Note: Includes doll, a soft blanket, babydoll and G-string lingerie, jewel butt plug, collar, wrist cuffs, 3 locks, and 3 wigs: blonde, brunette, and black. Does not include spreader bar, Obedience Extreme Sex Bench or shoes.

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