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Strict Leather


Strict Leather Suede Flogger


The advantage of suede material is that suede is softer than standard leather; therefore it can be more comfortable to use. The handle is tightly formed from red and black leather straps, for a nice firm grip.

Measurements: 30 inches in total length, falls measure 19.5 inches in length

Material: Suede

Color: Red

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
This was our first fl

This was our first flogger purchase... We didn't know what to expect... My wife loves having her sexy ass struck (hand, crop, paddle, ...)... First try with this was a huge success... I can't wait for the next opportunity to use this on my wife's sexy ass... I know that this will be a part of our regular play time... I'm thinking of purchasing the shorter version as well to add even more variety...

Being new to BDSM, I

Being new to BDSM, I bought this flogger because it's made of suede, which is softer than leather, and I wanted to "ease into the scene". What I didn't realize is that when in the more than capable hands of a Professional Dominatrix, suede can be every bit as harsh as leather! My first experience with it (and by "experience with it", I mean it was used on me!) was with Domina Daria of Dallas (name and city used with Her permission). Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the pain/pleasure She could deliver by wielding such, at first glance, a soft, supple flogger! Like the saying goes: 'it's all in the delivery', and did She deliver! Domina had my ass warmed in no time and proceeded to emphasize her delicate yet indelible expertise! Upon completion of Our/our session, She divulged her extreme pleasure with this Strict Leather Suede Flogger, particularly noting the combination of Her two favorite colors: read and black. I, of course, being more than willing to please Domina, offered it to Her as a token of my respect and adoration! Thank you so much Domina Daria! I remain Your humble sub/servant, broken

Sir's first flogger a

Sir's first flogger and he LOVES it! Very soft against the skin but has a nice snap. Can't wait for Sir to try more strict leather floggers!

we bought this flogge

we bought this flogger on our 10th wedding anniverseryt\

I've had this toy for

I've had this toy for a couple of years now, so this product definitely hasn't come and gone quickly from this website. This flogger has been my main and probably only flogger that I own, and it works quite well. The strands are a bit lengthy, and are a good balance of pounding and stinging with each hit. I'm sure you can get more specific floggers out there from stores and even custom made, but this one isn't bad according to someone who makes floggers themselves. Worth the price.


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