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Super Large Inflatable Butt Plug


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Pump up the passion with this Super Large Inflatable Butt Plug! Take your anal play to the next level with this plug that expands inside you for an amazingly full feeling and incredible stretch. The smooth rubber plug expands with each squeeze of the ball bump, and quickly deflates with a turn of the pressure-release valve. Enjoy this toy solo or take turns with your partner giving and receiving the amazing sensations!

Measurements: Plug measures approx. 6.75 inches insertable length and 8 inches in circumference deflated. Circumference increases to approx. 14.5 inches in circumference when inflated.

Material: Rubber.

Color: Black.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
My dear husband adore

My dear husband adores my butt and rimming my gaping anus and I like that also very much, especially when his tongue is deep inside after I some stretching. I wanted to give him a new dimension of my anus so I order the Super Large Inflatable Butt Plug and some other stretching tools. When the package arrives I went directly to bathroom and warm up with some smaller toys. I was ready for the new, I could push it in easily and begin to pump, ooooooh so nice feel it growing. I work with it about a half hour till I was totally stretched. I put a mirror on the floor and check my glossy gaping anus and imagine that my husband will like___ Yes he likes it very very much and thanks me every time for my initiative. I recommend this to all anal stretching lovers; especially open minded woman___s who like to make husbands anal desires real.

5 star item. Use a go

5 star item. Use a good amount of lube and take it slow. I've been practicing a few times a week and got to almost full insertion several times. Then today after about an hour of loosening and playing, I squirted a few extra drops of lube and a little warm water, and sat on the edge of the tub. Suddenly it felt different. Sort of like it would it if slipped out of my crack. My hand that holding the base could not find it though and I had the sudden physical and mental rush that IT WAS FULLY IN! It felt amazing. It didnt try to pop out, and fit firmly right to the base. Dare I give it a pump? I didn't want it to pop out, I'd finally achieved anal nirvana getting this thing in. But I had to know. So I started with a few half pumps, to see what it did. Well it stays in place and grows, and it's amazing. Pump pump. A little bigger. Pressing hard on my prostate. Legs tingling. Pssssssssssss. Let is relax. Okay. Take a breath. Heart is beating hard. A few more times. Get the feeling it won't fly out of my butt. It's perfectly tapered so that as you pump it, it keeps it's position. Pump pump pump pump pump pumppump pump pump pump pump pumppumppump pump oh dear lord spurt spurt

I bought this a while

I bought this a while back and the size scared me at first. It took a LOT of practice and lube but when it first popped in it felt incredible! I have been able to pump it up 5 pumps only but when I do I make sure I am sitting down so it doesn't pop right out. This is huge and PERFECT for anyone wanting to open things up nicely. As for the measurements described in the sight, they are off by a bit. Not to scare you, but it is actually 3.5+ inches in diameter. Trust me, with a little time and effort you will be in 7th heaven. You HAVE to try this as soon as you can.

Bought this fantastic

Bought this fantastic toy a little while ago. Hadn't inserted anything in a while so it took me a couple minutes. When it went up, since it has no significant base it was fully sucked up inside me, which I don't like the paranoia of. What I did was punch holes around the base and wove a shoelace through and made a handle. So I can suck it inside all the way in then pull on on it and tease it slightly out then let go and let it suck back in. Beautiful.

Nice buttplug but I w

Nice buttplug but I would like it just a little bit bigger! After 25 pumps it's big enough to fill me up and after pushing it out my arse was loose for days!


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