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Size Guide
Size Guide

Dildo Size Guide – How to Get the Right Length and Width

Dildos come in every size from small to Giant. The selection can be overwhelming but don’t worry, we are here to help you pick the perfect one for you.

Here's how to Judge to Length of a Dildo

The average erect penis is 5.16 inches in length.

The folks at Pipedream products know how to create a visual. Here are some of their most popular dildos, the King Cock line, put up against an average soda can


 Don't forget about the width!!

A general rule of thumb is that the longer the dildo, the thicker it's going to be. Remember, width is across the widest part. To estimate the distance around (circumference or girth) see the chart below.

WIDTH                      APPROXIMATE GIRTH

3 INCHES                  8 TO 8.5 INCHES

2.5 INCHES               7 TO 7.75 INCHES

2 INCHES                  5.5 TO 6.75 INCHES

1.75 INCHES             5 TO 5.5 INCHES

1.5 INCHES               4.5 TO 4.75 INCHES   ** Average erect penis size **

1.25 INCHES             3.75 TO 4 INCHES

1 INCH                       3 TO 3.5 INCHES

The Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands are a very versatile toy. They are each unipolar, meaning electricity flows from one to the other. As they are adjustable this can lead to all kinds of arrangements. You can attach one to your balls and the other to the head of your cock, or just side by side on that perfect spot you want to stimulate. The elastic fit makes sure that they are just as snug as you would like them to be no matter where you place them. Placed at the base of the cock and balls a band can even be used as an effective and comfortable cock ring.

Measurements: Adjustable up to 2.5 inches in diameter

Material: Elastic, metal, plastic

Color: Blue

Note: Comes with 2 bands with leads. Compatible with Zeus Power Boxes

The Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands from the Zeus Electrosex collection and more Electrosex Gear can be found at the Kinky Toy Store.

Customer Reviews

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The First time I trie

The First time I tried the Sheath it was hard as hell to get everything in. I "highly" recommend being shaved if you are going to use this Product! Lots of the specialty Lube as well. Once I got the Sheath on I felt like a fucking machine, and I wore my Girlfriend out that night. It just gives you this feeling you can just fuck forever! Sometimes I will wear it at night and when I wake up with that Morning wood it feels even better! Excellent Price and not expensive to replace if you fuck the Sheath to shreds!

I have to agree... lo

I have to agree... lots of cons with these.... While a GREAT idea, you only have a 3/4" square metal contact area on each band.... It is NOT something that is conductive all the way around the circumference, which is something that should be disclosed in the description of the bands. It is easy to pinch skin in the stay on these which can be quite uncomfortable and a total killer to the erotic qualities of them. So far, I have only used them on the six-channel power unit which may be part of the problem... that unit is not nearly as good as the $105 electrosex power box when it comes to adjustability and pleasurable programming. Honestly, I can see these either getting put at the back of a drawer and forgotten or simply thrown away. [ Editor's Note: The entire band is conductive, but it doesn't translate to your skin smoothly without some electrogel. Electrogel is highly recommended. ]

Pros: straps are well

Pros: straps are well-made and adjustable Cons: Everything. They are pricey. The metal contacts will start to burn/itch after any length of use, especially if you are on high power. I gave it two stars, because I havent been able to get off using any estim attachment so far, so there might be an issue with me. That being said, I don't think they work any better than the pads that come with your device, and being metal, they can't be used long. So you are better off keeping your money or spending it on some conductive rubber straps instead. [ Editor's Note: You won't get the best performance from the penis bands without some conductive electro gel. ]

These are the greates

These are the greatest things I have ever pruchased. when used with the Zeus box I thought I was going to blow the head of my cock off when I came. Definitely use these often.

this thing looks awes

this thing looks awesome and i really want to try it out but before i buy it i have a question that maybe someone else writing a review can help me out with. it says the shaft is only 4.5 inches long and my penis flacid is about 4.5 inches long and when im erect its about 7.5 inches long and it says its 1.5 inches wide and my penis is a little over 2 inches wide so i guess my question is will it strech another 3 inches long and almost another inch wide? if someone out there can help answer my question it would be greatly appreciated and maybe my girlfriend and i can reward you wink wink ;)